Help your clients navigate through the complex maze of employment laws and human resource regulations, including health care reform.

What can FNAHR do for You?

FNAHR is a human resource service powered by Guardian HR, a leading provider of employment law and human resource support service for businesses of all sizes. With FNAHR, human resources law and consulting services are available to support your clients’ organization and reduce risk. Stay up to date, be prepared, and discover the full array of services available from FNAHR.

Our Full Array of Services
  • Unlimited telephone and email consultations with an HR consultant
  • Unlimited access to an online forms library
  • An annual detailed HR audit
  • Custom employee handbook for all 50 states
  • 24/7 access to online training programs
  • Unlimited review, preparation and/or creation of any HR document
  • Unlimited telephone and email consultations with employment attorneys
  • Unlimited employment law document review, edits, and creation
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