Medicare Monday - Error in 2020 Medicare Handbook

Monday, February 3 2020
Andréa Hursala
Middle aged couple

We have been made aware from NAHU of an error in the Medicare Handbook for 2020 titled “Medicare and You.”  It states in the official US Government handbook: 

After your Initial Enrollment Period is over, you may have a chance to sign up for Medicare during a Special Enrollment Period. If you didn’t sign up for Part B (or Part A if you have to buy it) when you were first eligible because you’re covered under a group health plan (with 20 or more employees) based on current employment (your own, a spouse’s or a family member’s (if you have a disability)), you can sign up for Part A and/or Part B: 

• Anytime you’re still covered by the group health plan 
• During the eight-month period that begins the month after the employment ends or the coverage ends, whichever happens first.

Correction: Group health plans, for the purpose of Medicare Part B Special Enrollment Period eligibility, can be any size and a beneficiary need not have been covered under a large group health plan to have the late enrollment penalty waived. NAHU has confirmed that this is an error exclusive to the printed “Medicare & You” handbook and not a change in regulation. The correct information is provided on the CMS website.


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