Medicare Part D Creditable Coverage Notices Due October 14

Thursday, September 23, 2021
Michael Bivona
Health Plans

As we begin towards the end of the calendar year, FNA would like to remind employers that the Medicare Part D Notice of Creditable Coverage is required of all sponsors of group health plans that offer prescription drug coverage by October 14, 2021.



Plan sponsors must deliver this form to all Medicare eligible employees or dependents who are enrolled in your group health plan or who have applied for your group health plan. All notices must be given in hard copy, unless:


- An employee has ready access to electronic documents as a reasonable course of their duties/necessary part of their job; AND


- The employee has explicitly consented to receiving this document electronically.



You can find the Medicare Part D Model Notice of Creditable Coverage HERE.



You can find the Medicare Part D Model Notice of Non-Creditable Coverage HERE.





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