OSHA Releases Workplace Health and Safety Poster for Employers

Thursday, May 7, 2020
Michael Bivona
workplace safety


OSHA has created a poster with helpful tips for employers who wish to keep their customers and employees protected during the pandemic. The poster contains 10 practices developed by OSHA to maximize safety and health in the workplace. These practices may seem like common sense (frequent hand-washing, staying home if sick), but it is an excellent defense to an employee’s claim of an unsafe work environment to have the OSHA recommendations posted and consistently followed.


This poster is useful for all workplaces, not just those currently open for business. As the COVID-19 epidemic begins to slow in some areas of the country, some states are beginning to contemplate a phased re-opening of its businesses. In order to make such re-openings a success, employers need to create and maintain a healthy workplace consistent with these OSHA guidelines. An employer who commits to these measures before re-opening (by developing things like cleaning plans and a flexible PTO policy) will have a far higher chance of being successful.


You can find the poster HERE.


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