Retirement Planning Part I - Life Insurance

Monday, October 9th 2019
Steve Quirk
Executive benefits quoting

Some of the most frequent concerns when it comes to planning for retirement are understanding the plethora of options available, knowing which is best for your client’s unique situation and allocating funds with existing financial pressures.


Case Study


Client Profile:

Age 30-55
Working/asset accumulation years
Needs to protect family today, and save for tomorrow
Family is a priority (spouse and children)
Requires life insurance protection
Unsure about how to most effectively save for retirement years
Have extra monthly cash flow available from savings and investments
They are concerned about:
Premature death
Saving more for retirement/having enough money in retirement years
Market volatility and principal losses
Increasing taxes
Long Term Care expenses
Making the right decision by evaluating other available savings options

Life insurance, particularly “Whole Life” offers living benefits that can address the above concerns, protect your clients from market volatility and other financial challenges. 


Part II of our Retirement Planning Series discusses annuities.  Click here to continue the series!


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